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  1. ohh atleast its out of the way now and finished but yeah i kinda had same situation had like a report and logbook to do and a mid-term test to revise for -_-
    and sleeping is all good, always love a good sleep

    what u got for mommy on mothers day
  2. it sure was
    been pretty chilled so far...decided to stay in on friday as goin out on wednesday and thursday for friends birthday
    hows about you??
  3. haha makes sense
    ohh wowww that sounds pretty awesome...had a couple of good ones in my time but the best one had to be when i was about 18...basically a kid from school I know threw a HUGE party at his house (kind of a farm house so the barn was perfect for partying) a guy at the party had just broke up with his girlfriend that day and she wasn't at the party so she called the cops and said there is under-age drinking and drugs at this party as kind of a revenge; we partied hard for a couple of hours but around 2ish we heard some sirens and the next thing you know 5 police cars were outside...apparently they had a search warrant and since no-one opened they door, they broke it down...there was kind of a cornfield around the farmhouse so me and my friends escaped from back and ended up hiding in there (along with several others) till the coast was clear but according to rumours about 30-40 people got taken in for questioning etc. + they found loads of cocaine and hell of a night that
  4. lol no worries had a busy week myself with report and logbooks ahhh...just glad its over and done with
    oooooo yh goin for pre lash in a bit dunno if we are gonna go clubbin or not but we'll see where the night takes us
    hahaa ohhh long were you in the relationship for?
    and theres nothing wrong with watchin romcoms now and again...watched project x yesterday and i just feel like every part i go to now, i'll just be thinkin how **** it is lol
  5. ohh no worries i'm going to be really busy this week too got a bunch of lab reports and logbooks to times -_-
    and yhh wasn't too bad...had a good night out in leeds on friday
    how was your week apart from the work ofcourse lol

    why have you started watchin romcoms after chattin to me hahaa...watched the last samurai myself the other day
  6. wow sounds like my perfect day :lol:
    yhh exactly and even the sun is deceiving like from inside it looks so inviting and so i wear no jacket and its freezing when i get outside
    haha what can i say i'm just a big softie at heart :rolleyes:
  7. ohh k not messy enough then lol...did you go from pub to pub or stayed home and drank?
    yhh not too bad, but wasn't much to do tbf and the weather was terrible...but had fun

    you watchin all those romcoms made me wanna watch one as well so had a little looksey at she's the man yesterday
  8. lucky you lol
    woww sounds like a good was the marathon then??
    aww thanks i sure will
  9. probably a good idea that lol
    yhh it is sooo horrible...had kind of a 9-5 today with 2, 1 hour breaks at 11 and 1 :indiff:
    monday, tuesday and thursday are horrible for me...wednesday only have 3 hours and also get fridays free
    goin to liverpool over the weekend with some any plans??
  10. lol which one was it this time??
    i just finished watchin dale and tucker vs evil...pretty good little film like shaun of the dead
    yhh i kinda missed my first lecture cos i overslept lol...probably need to head to bed now, got a 9-5 tmrw

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