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  1. Brap! x
  2. hey
    Please delete this thread- i posted in the forum with my reason but wasn't sure if it had worked? Thanks
  4. hm
  5. Hello new friend, how are you? hope fine, i wish to contact you through this medium to share ideas and interest, meanwhile i will like you to send me massage with this email ID. so that i will tell you more about me and also send you my photo ok, send me massage with this email. so that i will reply you directly with best wishes from miss miriam.
  6. Hi Tom I am Gareth the Catering general manager at Oxford Brookes I see you on here giving loads of great advice. Would like to have a chat to see if you would be interested in helping with a few projects we have coming up?
  7. how do i delete my account?
  8. hi
    i was was wondering if you could delete a thread its titled Do men really find big women unattractive?
    i want it deleted because no one is actually answering the question
  9. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you could help me? There are some topics I posted a long time ago which I would like to take off the forums for confidential reasons. They all include information about other people that should remain confidential and I'd like to take them down before trouble occurs. I'd be very helpful if you could delete my following topics I have posted:

    I have no idea what I want to do to earn money!

    Whats wrong with my girlfriends menstrual cycle? Pregnant? 4 negative tests?

    Pregnant? No symtpoms at all, 4 negative tests...stress?

    Social Life

    Gf and I having a break, loneliness, injury, cheating!

    My girlfriend talking sexually with other guys - broken promises

    Stupid worrying about girlfriends past!

    Silly incident has upset me

    Found a few things out about my girlfriend that hurt me

    Many thanks!

    J Ward
  10. I am fantastic, definitely looking forward to moving to Oxford also .. Not going to lie.. i'm a bit nervous about moving to a new area but I'm sure everyone will have that same kind of feeling. Also a bit *iffy* about Fresher's week as i'm not really a party-esque sorta guy.. but I'm sure that'll change through my time at uni haha. Thanks a lot! I will make sure to ask you if I can think of any questions in the near future

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