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  1. Ahhh saaame. Nice to have a break from school. It is getting rather stressful! I am ready for another 7 weeks of school.
    Ahaaa, I knowww. I was really badly addicted to TSR during GCSEs. I am better now. I don't go on that often anymore.
    Okay that is a lie. I still come on loads, but because AS's are so important, I have more motivation to revise.
  2. Of course!
    And becuase I haven't spoken to you in ages.
    How are you?
  3. Hello. :love:
  4. Ahahaaa, the thing is. It has to be me cos I have Eliot as a mutual friend. :sexface:

    I am not some crazed stalker trying to have loads of friends. (:ninja:)
  5. I was kidding. I didn't actually add you. I can add you though. :sexface:
  6. I stalked you and added you on facebook. :sexface:
  7. :shock: Are you?!
  8. It was a photo with both you and eliot tagged. :ninja:

    I am not a stalker in real life.
  9. I went through photos of him and then went on your TSR page and it says your name. :ninja:
  10. I went through Eliot's friends because I decided to be stalkerish yesterday. :ninja:

    I guessed who you were in one guess. :perv: :ninja:

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