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  1. Um hi i found you
  2. Thanks. I might go ahead. It'll be nice to have a 3rd instrument
  3. It's an instrument I'm thinking of taking up and I was wondering whether it's posisble to self teach. I know certain instruments are easier than others to self teach like the piano as opposed to the violin
  4. Do you play the flute?
  5. Hi,
    Congratulations on your offers, I have noticed your insurance is a higher offer than your firm, I appreciate if you could shed some light on the logic behind your choice. I am in the same position as you, I have four offers to read history (v100). My first choice is Oxford which is an offer of AAA, I have an offer from UCL and Exeter offers of A*AA and an offer from York of AAA. I really liked UCL but their offer as you can is higher than my firm which is Oxford. Just wondering if I could use similar logic that you have used when you chose your insurance at Imperial. Many thanks
  6. flutefluteflute
  7. Hey i just wanted to ask you how did you revise for the COMP 3 paper i saw you did very well! thanks
  8. I'm a bit of a failure of a PS Helper :ashamed2: never got round to actually doing any reviews. I'll try again next year.
  9. Just saw you've become a mod, congrats

    twas inevitable
  10. (Well done )

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