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  1. Hi, basically I was supposed to have an urgent appeal but never recieved anything back on the date August 31st which means that I can't get into the uni at all now. I'm guessing it was just late? Does this mean I find my mark out on the normal date?
  2. Hi , just wondering is it true if someone is 1 mark away from the grade boundary the sqa remark the paper?
  3. Pro tip, Sam: when you get a visitor message, click on "view conversation" and then type your reply in the box that comes up there - that way your reply is posted on that person's profile and they get a message saying that you've replied.
  4. mysqa
    Hi, no problem with pencil vs pen. Just as long as your writing is legible, we'll mark it. (We recommend pen, however, because it is less likely to get rubbed and fade...)
  5. SAM, I accidentally wrote my higher human biology exam in pencil instead of ink, am I ok?!?
  6. mysqa
    Hi, I'm not sure about that, let me ask. Meantime, first thing tomorrow speak to your teacher, perhaps he/she hasn't submitted the work to us yet.
  7. Hi,
    I just realised that the coursework version i handed in was an incomplete draft, not the correct final version. is there any way i can take the right version to the SQA myself to switch it?!
  8. mysqa
    Glad to hear it - I love it when a plan comes together...
  9. Hi,
    Yes, thanks, I got my results ok. We got them just before they were sent back, so it was a close shave!
  10. I did already make a thread for this in Scot Quals and I know this doesn't really concern MySQA but here is my situation:

    This year I sat my SG's and the results were sent out on the 7th to my house just like everyone else. At the time, I was on holiday however and was not able to get my results by text or email (I missed the deadline for MySQA.) I arrived home yesterday to find that the results were too big to fit through the letterbox and were being held until Saturday (yesterday.) The post office shuts at 5:30 and we got home at around 6:30. I'm really worried the results will be getting sent back now. I'm going to go the the PO first thing on Monday morning to see if they are still there, which is possible. If they are sent back to the SQA, do you think they will repost them? Or will I have to contact my school or the SQA to find out my results?

    Is it possible for the SQA to send results again? Perhaps I'm overreacting to the whole situation, but I am just very annoyed that the PO only held the results until yesterday when they usually mail for 18 days.

    Any help appreciated!

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