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  1. Hi Piggsil,
    I noticed that you were in Durham, for which I have also applied and am waiting for my funding announcement. I don't know if you're familiar with the funding procedure there, but the wait is killing me as they have delayed the results several times. So would you advise me to directly ask the person in charge of the faculty scholarship?

    As I'm French, I would also like to know if the French department looks for native speakers to tutor its students (and do they pay for this?). I have applied for a PhD in History.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. Hello,

    I notice you incredibly helpful thread of ask a Durham student advice guild. You mentioned that Durham does not care about GCSE.

    I am hoping to apply for 2014: Politics

    I meet the grades AAA predicted A*AA

    But my GCSE were A*A*A*ABBBCCC- are they good enough?

    Also for some one studying politics is there a certain college that people go to like in York or is it any college?

    Thank you
  3. Like the new username change
  4. stay away from mah babez
  5. Hi, maybe you could help me. I used to use this site a lot and at the time I had a warped body image and as a result I want all my posts and threads removed from the fitness section if the forum. I know it's not something that TSR are super in to but it bothers me that people could find those posts from a simple google search.

    If you could advise me on how to proceed with this I would hugely appreciate it.
  6. Hey Iam Meshal .
    Please how are you !hope you are fine and
    inperfect condition of health Iam ready to write to you as soon as and make new relation with your side ok looking to hear from you
  7. Hi Becca!
    I didn't know I couldn't post referral codes and now I can't delete it. Could you delete it for me? Thank you!
    Kind regards.
  8. Hi! I saw on a thread that you studied French and Italian at Durham and just had a few question to ask, if you don't mind? I've applied for straight French at Durham but I've recently become really keen on studying Italian (ab.initio) as a joint honours so I was wondering if you knew how flexible the languages department in Durham were? If I get an offer, how soon would you recommend me e-mailing them to ask if I can do French and Italian? Do you know of anyone who has successfully added/removed languages from thir degree title? What, in your opinion, are the best and worst things about the content of your degree (i.e. too many essays? Too heavily literature-based?) and the departments, if any? :P Lastly, did you take Italian from scratch or did you have a GCSE/A-Level already? Many thanks in advance!
  9. I've just seen someone wearing an EF "Learning languages together" vest in an Eastenders scene :indiff:

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