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  1. Actuarial exams and they are going terribly. I've lost my motivation to study Becca, I really have.

    I haven't given the stamps a proper look yet (they are safely tucked away back in the envelope they came in) but I will inspect them all closely and get back to you.
  2. Thanks! I am although it can be quite tough sometimes. I stopped using TSR a lot after my first year back in 05-06. Since then I've been on & off from time to time, though sadly I'm been coming back less and less. My flatmate from last year, Ben, just got a job at TSR though so that's pretty cool. I'll be coming on here to heckle him whenever I can

    Norway eh? That's really cool! Where abouts? I went to Stavanger not too long ago and it was great! Quite expensive though. I guess you've learnt Norwegian then??
  3. I'm a trainee solicitor now Working in central London. How about you? Congrats on becoming a mod That was one lifelong ambition I never fulfilled, although I haven't been on here much lately. Are you still doing music-y stuff? x
  4. Hi Becca, long time no see
  5. I am sorry for my belated reply also. At first I was like "lol, it would be funny if I didn't reply to her for a while" but then it actually happened - I am blaming studying. How's the new term settling in? Is it a new school year, like we've just had here, or is the calendar completely different?

    P.S. I received my 29 gold medal winner stamps today
  6. Welcome to the TSR Cyclists society
  7. That's such a shame about the two weightlifters but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. It was in Excel, right? The TT was there and the atmosphere was great! I heard similar stories about other events in there.
    I also got to see football (GB at Wembley!), badminton and a couple of days of hockey. As for choosing a highlight, that's such a tough question. Super Saturday would be such a cliche response but it really was a special feeling that night, particularly Mo Farah as his was a real nail biter. Honourable mention to the day we won our first golds as I was in the park, watching on the big screen, and it was bloody fantastic. Your turn Becca.
  8. Becca, I thought it would be a good idea to have a post-Olympics catch up. I vaguely remember reading that you were able to get some tickets (hopefully I haven't imagined that). I saw some table tennis - which was fantastic - but also thanks to friends and family, there were several other events I got to see. I was completely engrossed by the two weeks and I can't imagine ever feeling the same way about anything else as I did during London 2012. I am truly honoured that I was able to be a part of it all.


    Threads going to hell. Can you sort it out plz :^_^:
  10. Thanks

    Maybe a silly question but how can I attach a word document on this PM?

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