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  1. Thanks! I am although it can be quite tough sometimes. I stopped using TSR a lot after my first year back in 05-06. Since then I've been on & off from time to time, though sadly I'm been coming back less and less. My flatmate from last year, Ben, just got a job at TSR though so that's pretty cool. I'll be coming on here to heckle him whenever I can

    Norway eh? That's really cool! Where abouts? I went to Stavanger not too long ago and it was great! Quite expensive though. I guess you've learnt Norwegian then??
  2. I'm a trainee solicitor now Working in central London. How about you? Congrats on becoming a mod That was one lifelong ambition I never fulfilled, although I haven't been on here much lately. Are you still doing music-y stuff? x
  3. Hi Becca, long time no see
  4. I am sorry for my belated reply also. At first I was like "lol, it would be funny if I didn't reply to her for a while" but then it actually happened - I am blaming studying. How's the new term settling in? Is it a new school year, like we've just had here, or is the calendar completely different?

    P.S. I received my 29 gold medal winner stamps today
  5. Welcome to the TSR Cyclists society
  6. That's such a shame about the two weightlifters but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. It was in Excel, right? The TT was there and the atmosphere was great! I heard similar stories about other events in there.
    I also got to see football (GB at Wembley!), badminton and a couple of days of hockey. As for choosing a highlight, that's such a tough question. Super Saturday would be such a cliche response but it really was a special feeling that night, particularly Mo Farah as his was a real nail biter. Honourable mention to the day we won our first golds as I was in the park, watching on the big screen, and it was bloody fantastic. Your turn Becca.
  7. Becca, I thought it would be a good idea to have a post-Olympics catch up. I vaguely remember reading that you were able to get some tickets (hopefully I haven't imagined that). I saw some table tennis - which was fantastic - but also thanks to friends and family, there were several other events I got to see. I was completely engrossed by the two weeks and I can't imagine ever feeling the same way about anything else as I did during London 2012. I am truly honoured that I was able to be a part of it all.


    Threads going to hell. Can you sort it out plz :^_^:
  9. Thanks

    Maybe a silly question but how can I attach a word document on this PM?
  10. Helllo. Could you shift my blog from fitness blogs to the dedicated forum? I'm going to be chasing my goal for 12 weeks so i'll 'unofficially' be part of the comp! Thanks

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