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  1. Lmao, it was autocorrect not me. Although I'm sure he's used to it.

    A week at the airport was recommended to me by a friend - I've been meaning to watch the film "The Terminal" which is similar. I went to see a talk between Alain de Botton and Derren Brown in London a few months ago - some very interesting ideas came up between them regarding philosophy and psychology!
  2. Ty for the rep
  3. EierVonSatan
    And for good reason!

  4. Kinkerz
    You have no wall capacity in your profile!

    Is it Dr EierVS yet?
  5. EierVonSatan
    Kinkerz! :daydreaming:
  6. More neg stalking? How adorable.
  7. You're the dark knight that the medicine forum needs.
  8. Hey, thanks for that bit of information. Very useful.

    Would you say that Keele is majorly PBL or is it really 50 50 the teaching ? I mean, half PBL and half lectures ? Or mostly PBL and few occasional lectures ?

    I've got my interview in two days, feel so nervous. Any tips for the interview ?

    And how's your time at Keele going ? Enjoying the course ? Is it really that "energy and mind consuming" the course as people make it out to be ? Do you get any spare time to chill and relax regularly ?

    And hey, thanks for your help once again. Much appreciated.
  9. Hi,

    Basically, because of my grades, I was restricted where to apply, and Keele was one of the only four that accepted my grades. I had heard good and bad things about PBL, so decided to apply to Keele in order to give myself an opportunity to study Medicine somewhere.

    And, I asked you and the other person similar questions in order to get different people's views on my queries.

    Thanks for whatever information you noted in your last message. It was kind of helpful.

    Anything else you could say to hep me ?
  10. Hey,

    I see you're studying Medicine at Keele. ( I hope I'm right about that. )

    I've just got an interview to study Med at Keele.

    Could you please enlighten me about PBL at Keele ? I'm really worried that PBL is not for me. I'm more of a lecture sort of person, so that's why I just need your help to inform me on what you have thought about the PBL at Keele ? Is it really the "teach yourself" thing everyone associates with PBL ?

    Also, is Keele completely PBL or is there lectures as well ?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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