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  1. Oh my goodness, I love your posts.

    You say what I wish to say much more eloquently: always.
  2. Hi, as an avid football fan I follow the football section of TSR and post predictions in the Premier League prediction every week. However, I want to ask if it would be possible to set up a prediction thread for the world cup this summer. I have a spreadsheet prepared that members could fill in to enter a TSR world cup prediction championship (just a fun thing, no prizes or anything). I’ve done this for previous world cups but never on TSR so just wanted to get in touch with a forum mod just to ‘officialise it’. How does this sound? I’m thinking of posting this towards the end of April/beginning of May to give people plenty of time since May/June can be a busy time for many.


    Michael (RD208)
  3. you're right. I posted too hastily.
  4. *Dyspraxic Hi Five*
  5. An entire card for calling someone (who was clearly being one) a moron? Get a grip.
  6. wow, you truly are a homosexual
  7. So are you saying that all Russel Group universities are better than non ? Please elaborate as this is information that I can use in replying to my uni's
  8. Since one of you deleted my homosexuality debate thread, I just want to let you know that since you insisted on a fully explained answer I have been working on one. If you are so convinced you are so right about the issue then I suggest you open it up again and let me reply to previous questions asked.
  9. do you not have a PM ?
  10. Finally, someone who listens to King Crimson

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