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  1. Hey River, I saw in one of your old post when you were talking about A Level resit first sitting. I recently made a thread about that and was hoping if you could answer it please?
  2. Hey River, I cannot remember but was it you who was doing stuff in the third sector and aiming to pursue a career in counselling I have a few questions.


  3. Hi River

    I hope you don't mind me sending a message on your profile.

    Your posts on my thread about mechanical engineering seemed to imply a pretty solid knowledge of cities in the UK and I was wondering if you could help with something.

    Basically, I've decided that the way I'd like to chose the universities I attend is to take a list of cities that are known as good 'student cities' and then look at their courses etc and narrow it down that way.

    Is there any chance you could give your opinion on good cities for student life please? I'd appreciate any advice you could pass. Thanks
  4. Oh my goodness, I love your posts.

    You say what I wish to say much more eloquently: always.
  5. Hi, as an avid football fan I follow the football section of TSR and post predictions in the Premier League prediction every week. However, I want to ask if it would be possible to set up a prediction thread for the world cup this summer. I have a spreadsheet prepared that members could fill in to enter a TSR world cup prediction championship (just a fun thing, no prizes or anything). I’ve done this for previous world cups but never on TSR so just wanted to get in touch with a forum mod just to ‘officialise it’. How does this sound? I’m thinking of posting this towards the end of April/beginning of May to give people plenty of time since May/June can be a busy time for many.


    Michael (RD208)
  6. cambio wechsel
    you're right. I posted too hastily.
  7. *Dyspraxic Hi Five*
  8. An entire card for calling someone (who was clearly being one) a moron? Get a grip.
  9. wow, you truly are a homosexual
  10. So are you saying that all Russel Group universities are better than non ? Please elaborate as this is information that I can use in replying to my uni's

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