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  1. EierVonSatan
  2. Yeah, sorry. I sometimes forget that not everyone can see who repped them Thanks a lot by the way.
  3. I normally just assume that all MMORPGs are either the same as Wow (like... most of them), or more dull (like what I've seen of Eve). I vaguely recall something about a WoW2, but can't remember hearing any details.
  4. One example of nearly doing things right; one of my favourite series, Prince of Persia. 1st game was amazing - second they changed the tone (very unpopular), and completely redid the combat system (it was awesome). For the third game, they realised their mistake, and tried to combine the tone of the first game with the combat of the second game, plus some extra elements, and... didn't quite get it right, but at least they tried. Then for the new Prince of Persia they basically had the same genre and tone, but completely different game design, movement and combat system. It was unpopular, so they had another go at the third game's concept (which I haven't played yet).
  5. Basically I don't mind it when they remake a game that really needed it (e.g. I would almost definitely buy Shogun 2 if my computer could handle it, since I loved almost everything about the original, and think that upgrading it with modern complexities could make it more enjoyable). But when it's something like CoD, where the engine, gameplay, controls, etc, seem to be no different, I just don't get it. Especially when there's no continuing storyline (I admittedly buy C&C mainly to find out what the **** Kane is up to).
  6. EierVonSatan
    Hiccups gone? :mmm:
  7. hey i saw your post about kent - would love it if you could give me a contact number so that I can ask you how to prepare and what not. I will be attending this year sept 11 undergraduate law at kent. Please get back to me when youcan, Thanks!
  8. Hi,
    I was reading a description you wrote last year about Kent accommodations... I know it was a long time ago, but I'd really appreciate it if you could help me.
    At one point, you said that Tyler court B/C has a flat system... Does that mean that there's a couple of rooms leading to one kitchen?
  9. hey
    want to know whats the likely hood of getting Vac scheme or TC ig attending University of Kent?
    Would really appreciate the help
  10. *Poke* :P

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