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  1. Recently started learning anatomy, saw your username and thought I'd say hello .
  2. Up the villa
  3. Hello, can you please delete all my previous posts please? thank you
  4. Inception :daydreaming:
  5. take down the aston vile society now! we don't need that tosh on here
  6. "nobody is defending him" <<< on the condition of him being guilty, which as aforementioned, I clearly specified.

    Nevermind, you just misunderstood my point and I guess I could have been clearer. In essence, I agree with you what you said anyway.
  7. Fair enough, but you still didn't say why you lumped me with all the other quotes when clearly my point was different from the others and conditional on him actually being guilty.
  8. Still not sure why you -9 repped me when the point I made was perfectly valid and you didn't even bother replying when I offered an explanation...
  9. mangoh
    Keep up the good work.
  10. This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time

    That's depressing. :emo:

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    (Original post by FFCrusader)
    I am now picturing you as Tom Cruise in shining armour, on a horse, holding a sword, with a stethoscope around your neck and having a pitcher of ale to your side. :awesome:
    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    See when Phalanges gets going about things he likes/loves/is passionate's a bit like the arousing rousing, powerful and moving speech a person gives before a battle/war. :moon:
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