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  1. 2 VMs from legendary TSR users in a space of a day... Am I TSR dying?

    How is you brah?
  2. It's not so much the area that's scary at night as it is the creepy men :hide: haha I will do :lol:
  3. Greatest place on earth?! I think that may be pushing it a bit I think it's fine in the daytime but I wouldn't feel safe there at night :lol: But you're a guy so don't have the same worries :lol:
  4. Oh you're THAT guy? Ah yes I believe I've seen you a few times :lol: waaaat, how could you not have noticed it? Like everyone notices it. You're clearly too used to the smell. Haha no shame in that. Barking is cheap, lots of shops, easy enough to get into London. What's not to like :lol:
  5. Clearly. I don't think I'd even know you if I saw you :lol: see, I swear it's just Barking station. Leave the station and it's not that strong of a smell. It's like the scent of fried chicken is just pumped around the station :lol: hah yeah I know what you mean, I'm the same with Dagenham. It's an awful area but it's MY awful area y'know.
  6. Can't help myself :indiff: Nah I was only passing through :lol: Was only there a few mins waiting for the train and it was so strong :coma: yeah it's a modern day aphrodisiac.
  7. Why must Barking station smell SO strongly of fried chicken? Why? It's just annoying. Now I want chicken.
  8. I hope I haven't spoilt it for you!
  9. I don't know how to describe, but perhaps organic would be appropriate. It covers such a wide range musically, from party tracks like Another Year to nostalgic or even introspective ones such as Para Mexer or Air Chrysalis, to classic AAL in Tooth & Claw or Lippincott... I really enjoyed it
  10. Spoiler:
    Fleshlight in the guise of a can of lager. Shocking that it actually exists.

    Well yeah I don't really take photos when I look like a bum or I hope not :lol:

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  • About Mastermind`

    Trigger...I like to shoot
    I Get The Job Done
    Star Sign
    About me
    I wear a helmet whenever I'm on TSR, for protection.

    I want to die in my sleep like my grandad who was a pilot. I don't want to die screaming in pain and anguish like his passengers.
    Academic Info
    I'm very academical. I went to Boarding School and I was made to wear a fluorescent jacket, 'cause I'm Black, so that the rest of the kids could still see me at night. Those were the days!
    Signing autographs for my fans in Waterstones on Friday nights
    Football - I love playing/watching. Football is drama, vision, art, excitement, sex, war, rep all mixed into one.
    Football again..LoL!
    Women - All shapes and sizes, but I prefer petite, pocket rockets which I can toss about for the bant.
    Oppressing Women - though I have never hit a woman. I'm worried if I start hitting them I might enjoy it too much.
    Shy/Quiet women who I oppress.
    CUMMING on TSR :pcguru:
    Shillan because she sucks. (She's a user on here..normally catch her flirting with me/throwing herself at me..I'm not interested, if you see her around please tell her .to stop flirting with me)
    Kerb Crawling
    Trolling :ninja:

    I'd say most things definitely interest me in some way. Maybe.

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