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  1. do you wish to have had an erdos number or do you have 1 already? :holmes:
  2. Well, even just to send that message that would be great.
  3. Do you per chance fancy doing a shout out to the people in Labour Party group about the TSR Model House of Commons? I'm not sure everyone is really aware of the fact they can debate in a HoC.

    Can you send a message to all members (as group leader) to encourage them to have a look or join the party?
  4. Sorry, you accidentally got cleared from the Labour group! Reapply and I'll fix it in a jiff. Accidentally hit the "Check All" button on the section P-S.
  5. RK
    (Original post by mangoh)
    You can see why I was worried.

    One week since your last post.
    Can't respond on you're wall, so will reply here...

    I have posted plenty, just in the mod areas and the areas (I think?) you're excluded from such as About TSR and Dev and Bugs.

    I do need to post more on the main site, but the last week has been busy.
  6. mangoh
    You can see why I was worried.

    One week since your last post.
  7. Thanks (again) although I have to wait another week for the rest... Lazy examiners...
  8. Thanks for the pos rep! :gah:
  9. Is there something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about? Captain Jack and you don't normally post in the Welcome Lounge. :holmes:


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    About me

    I'm one of the staff at TSR. Over the years I've worked in a number o different rols, but am currently Head of Operations. This means I work in a number of different areas:

    a) I oversee our ad operations and client engagement team (who over see the set up, delivery and optimisation of our advertising and other sales products)
    b) I look after the company KPIs (KPI = key performance indicators - our statistics and company targets), monitoring what's currently happening and ensuring the teams have access to up to date info to help them make decisions
    c) I'm coordinating our company wide project plan - helping the teams put together well thought out initial project plans, working with them to prioritise their work and feeding this through to our technical team for development and design work when needed

    I've previously worked on several other aspects of TSR including the tech team where I did roles incorporating business analyst and quality assurance. I have also been a community manager where I worked more closely with the moderators and members on TSR; in charge of setting up and optimising adverts (which pay to keep the site running) and also doing the customer support where I answered the emails we get sent in by people about both TSR and our other websites, such as

    I first became a member on TSR way back in 2005. Since November 2006 I was a moderator in the Study Help section until I was offered a job at TSR.

    I feel really lucky to be able to have this job where I'm able to help shape TSR so it can be the best student resource out there. Ever since I first became a member on the site TSR has been something special and I aim to work with everyone from the other guys in the office to all the members to keep improving TSR so it offers the best community, interaction, resources and functionality for all students to get the most out of the site.

    I've always tried to be around on the site quite a bit, often posting in the news and feedback forums - the areas where you guys can ask for help and put forward suggestions about the site. In my new Head of Ops role, I'll try to stay on the site posting, but will likely be in random areas as I find interesting threads to respond to...
    Academic Info
    GCSEs and A Levels, Penistone Grammar School (1994-2001)

    MMath in mathematics, University of York (2005)

    PGCE in Mathematics, University of York (2006)
    More TSR
    A little bit of Yorkshire
    A little quote...
    Something so easy to forget when things may be tough or not going so well:

    So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    (Isaiah 41:10)

    Remember this and take strength from it. God is always with you.

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