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  1. Haha I love your sig Panda's are lovely
  2. lol interesting locatoin.. is it birmingham?
  3. Did you see Pixie Lott on the (Sunday Kitchen?) today? :L
  4. Hey, it dont seem like a interview at they dont ask you any questions at all ? :P
  5. :flutter:
  6. I enjoy your face.
  7. blue_shift86
    you reject midlander :P
  8. Hey, sorry to interrupt, just wonder if you're interested to find some part time job to do that can cover your rent.
    If show interesting please email me via, we can talk more further.
    Thanks for your time.
  9. nice u better be fast then christmas is nearly here...
    we have amy on our side aswell but don't hurt us after we knw wat u daleks are like
  10. damn and theres me thinking she was cute and innocent is that why u turned in to a dalek huh, u gonna exterminate her don;t worry i got ur back aswell :gunfire:

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    Umm.... im me lol
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    well i made it through primary school
    and high school let me finish
    college allowed me to stay for 3 years
    and then they gave me this cloak and i thought i was off to hogwarts... but then they shoved a stupid hat on my head and the illusion was finished... *sigh*

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