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  1. You okay love? Haven't heard from you for a while. Hope things are alright and you had a good weekend at home. :jumphug:
  2. Hi, I am grace
    nice to meet your
    i saw your profile
    today i took intreste
    in it. i will like your
    to write me back in my
    id (
  3. Thanks Look forward to hearing from you!
  4. Hi there

    I am a prospective history applicant for 2013 cycle and was wondering if you could give me any insight into History at Bristol?

    I will quickly outline my own situation: achieved AAA in A2 (History, English Lit., Government and Politics) with an A at AS PRS (currently on gap year). My GCSE's were relatively good, although average compared to a lot of TSR and your own, 2A* 4A 4B.
    It's odd because although Bristol's typical requirements are AAA (I have no mitigating circumstances) my school (private) is trying to steer me away from applying there. Do you know if there any truth in the whole 'Bristol being biased against private school applicants' which I see dotted around the forum? Also how are you enjoying the course? Any finally, any application tips?

    I hope I do have a realistic chance as I do think Bristol would be an awesome place to study.

    Cheers for any feedback
    p.s. Sorry for essay!
  5. Quiet _One86
    Hey :P Hows it going? Been a while x
  6. Ahh, cool! Same here, ahah. I suppose they worked out the bug with the usergroups this morning.

    I'm finding it very exciting! I've already edited a PS and have another pretty much edited too... but that's me being too keen and procrastinating on tidying/reading... Then again, I read an article today about how procrastination is a good tool to get things done, since you procrastinate on important stuff by doing less important stuff...

    Haha don't worry about it! Good luck with packing.

    I don't even know how fancy dress works, never done it before. :/ No idea where to get the materials for anything. :eek:

    Thanks! You too!
  7. Eeeeeee you're a PS helper too? I didn't notice! :woo: How is it so far?
  8. Hey hun, sorry not replied to your PM yet, been really busy and then had my phone and laptop taken away from me by parents so I just have the iPad, and then have a stack of PMs to reply to. Hope you're not upset with me and that you're okay :sadnod: :lovehug:
  9. Hello!
    No problem, same for me, just got back from a late hol, and now all my friends have gone to uni, and i'm getting impatient to go :L Oooh, hope you're feeling better! I chose the 'France at war' one, which I know is a bit obvious (everyone always seems to think thats all you learn about in history!), but i've never done it, so thought i'd give it a go... what did you go for? Are you doing an open unit thing in another subject?
    I've sorta started to buy stuff, just duvets etc, but need to get myself to ikea Hows your preparation going? Oohhh Goldney, lucky you, it looks gorg! I move in on thursday to the flat, so excited!! Does mean that no one else from bristol will be there yet, but i can settle in and prepare for freshers When do you get there?

    Ummm saw them at Marlay park in Dublin, teignmouth, 02 in dublin, manchester and wembley like you!! I've definitely been very greedy, but they're just so amazing live You should defs go see them again, i swear they just get better everytime, although prices are going up on tickets Anyway enough crazy muse ramblings...

    Hope you're good, and see you at the history lunch thing I guess!
    I'm Alice btw (: xxx
  10. Aww I hope you're feeling better!

    I am excited! I was working as a temp in an office.. doing some admin stuff. Tbh all that money's just going on fresher's week, the law trip (that's a lot more competitive than I thought, so fingers crossed, I'll get in!) and gym membership.

    I'm going to Staples next week... now the fun begins! I love stationary shopping lol. Technically I should be buying things like a new laptop and a printer.. but highlighters seem to be more important to me than that (worried about my priorities now...) What have you bought?

    My friend left for university on Saturday, and a couple of my other friends are leaving this week.. so yeah, it is sinking in. I'm kinda jealous of them going already, but I'm nowhere near prepared so I guess being so late is a good thing.

    Yay! Cake and brownies... I'm sure that teapot will just make them love you even more :P

    Independent living was alright - I actually just cooked everything with my mum the day before she left and froze it, so I just had to heat it in the microwave. Actually a time saver - so it's something to consider I guess.

    So I'm Sarauniya Shehu on the group I'll drop a friend request. Hope you're feeling better and you enjoyed your holiday!

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