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  1. :laugh: I know, I know, hindsight is a beautiful thing! But...I said the same to you! Just getting ready to go out to dinner with my mum and sister now... and then later with my friends!
  2. :woo: Just saw that you got into Bristol! :party: WELL DONE, all of that worrying (although I was exactly the same! )
    I'm so happy for you!
  3. Thank you! :hugs: I know it's not long now but I've also started to avoid the A-level threads :eek: it's just too real!

    I honestly think that you will make your Bristol offer, you must have been predicted AAA or something, and isn't your offer AAB? That gives you some leeway, in case an exam went badly or something, and there's always coursework marks, which I'm sure that you would have done well on! You can also count on last year's UMS Either way, you can't change anything now, but I really don't think you'll be in Clearing anyway, because don't you have an insurance choice?

    I'm not sure about Clearing, sounds bad, but I'll have to decide on the day, depending on how's actually offering spaces! I know they say don't decide on the day, but how can you not if Clearing lists aren't published until the 16th? Also, you'd have to consider things that whether it's worth waiting for the results of a re-mark, after phoning of course! Either way, cross that bridge if and when you come to it! That's what I'm doing, not panicking about Clearing, but then not committing to it either.

    I'm really can't stay home another year. I don't hate it, but this summer has been enough, I'm so bored of random, temporary part-time work, driving lessons and sitting at home. I want my own life, and I want somewhere new to explore!

    Have you started reading 100 years yet? I've just finished "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett, which is a really good book.

    Anyway, we'll probably speak again before Result's Day, but good luck (though I don't think you'll need it!) and thank you again! I think I'm going to do some art or something productive this afternoon (for once)
  4. Had to post another message, to finish off, because I was over the character limit (there's a 2000 character limit apparently, who know).

    I'm glad I've made you feel slightly better, but I still have my moments! Especially as someone on the Result's Day thread just posted a video of a girl who sat virtually the same History paper as me (which I'm already worried about) on OCR B and got a U after being predicted an A*!

    I'm going to act like I didn't watch that, I've just decided :yep; oh well, all's well ends well I suppose (what does that even mean?) only 9 days left until we know, one way or another, and that has to be better than the suspense. I think some of it is just fear of the unknown, like Schrödinger's cat

    I feel like such a stalker, looking down the messages on your page, I seem to take up a lot of space :ninja:
  5. Haha, it doesn't matter, it means that you have something better to do instead of just sitting on TSR, like me. I hardly have any work this week, as the kids are going on day trips to Oxford...and yeah, I couldn't face it 9 days before results day. Such a wuss, but I would have cracked up!

    Canterbury was cool! I love the town centre, and the archway at the end of the shops, such a nice place! However, it rained almost constantly :/ welcome to the "English summer" I guess!

    Thanks - but we also had to study Robert Cormier's "Heroes" for GCSE, which was a really weird book that no one has heard of - I wish we could have done something more classic and well known for our exam!

    How are you getting on with 100 years of solitude? Anything exciting happened yet? (Just realised that that is a very subjective question, lol)

    I've finished Love in the time of cholera I think I really like this author now, I loved the descriptive element of the book, the talking parrot, and the street of windows etc. It's also great how your sympathy for Florentino increases throughout the book I think, because after the death of Dr. Urbino you get really angry that he is trying to get back into Fermina's life - because you've just gotten to know what her married life was like and everything. Then, when it goes back in time, you find yourself appreciating the depth of Florentino's love, but at the same time you still like Dr. Urbino? I don't know, that book messed with my emotions! I found some stuff just plain weird, like Florentino's relationship with America Vicuna, and Fermina's character is deifnitely one of the strongest in the book. I think Marquez writes matriarchs really well, they're always complicated characters, with long backstories. I'm not sure if I prefer it to 100 years of solitude, now that I've read both novels I find the style similar and yet the plot incomparable, so I'll wait and see what you think!
  6. Wow, your work experience sounds really cool! Do you think that you'll ever go into fashion, or some kind of retail work, after you get your degree? What did you get to do?

    The bowling went ok, I didn't play, which was all the better for me French kids are really good at bowling! It's a good job really, it's just hard sometimes when the kids aren't quite as obedient as I want, they have to be told everything several times etc. - but it'd be the same with English kids, maybe worse!

    I like how you're reading Jane Eyre and Fight Club at the same time, I'm imagining a crossover, lol. I had to do Jane Eyre for my GCSE coursework, but I do still like the book, and have even managed to read it since, unlike anything else I did at GCSE...

    Funnily enough, I finished reading 100 years of solitude about 2 weeks ago! I really liked it, although the names (which repeat throughout generations) really confused me, so I'm glad that there was this family tree diagram at the front. Reading that made me want to read Love in the time of cholera, what a coincidence! In about a week or so we'll be able to have an in depth discussion and comparison I haven't been able to start reading it yet, considering I haven't even packed or anything for tomorrow

    Have a good week!
  7. That's fine! As long as you're enjoying the summer What work experience have you been up to? I'm still helping out with the French kids, and we're all going bowling tomorrow, so wish me luck with that, I can never get the technology to work! Driving lessons are ok thanks, my instructor says I just need to get more confident doing the manoeuvres by myself - I really mess up parallel parking but...I'm getting there - have you booked any lessons yet?

    I'm not going to lie, I'm not a confident driver, I've had 40 lessons and there are STILL times I freak out, or something goes wrong...guess I'm not really a natural...however, I still really want to get a test booked before I go to uni, so fingers crossed! Believe me, you will have to be a better driver than me, I've been learning to drive for a year :s (although I've only been having 1 hour a week, and I only really started taking it seriously now that school has finished)...

    We've had some great weather here, and so I've been spending the last week out and about, having picnics Next week I'm going to my Dad's in Kent, near Canterbury, so that should be good, or at least a change. I still haven't got round to reading any Austen yet! I've been busy reading Grapes of Wrath and now I'm reading Love in the time of cholera which is another library book, so it'll have to wait for now
  8. No other text no, but I'll text you now x miss you lots too :hugs: x
  9. Hun, are you okay? Did you see my text I sent yesterday (or the day before I think?) ? xx
  10. My holiday was good thanks! The weather was obviously remarkably different from here, and the beach was lovely, which combined with live music, a swimming pool and watching Spain succeed in the Euros, made for a fantastic time! Anyway, what have you been up to? Since getting back from holiday, all I've done is work and take driving lessons :/...I'm not joking, I'm actually really starting to miss school, and constantly being able to talk to my friends everyday, and even just studying in general! Hopefully that's not too weird though, and I'm not the only one! I wish university started in early September... Have a nice weekend

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