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  1. Gah, I feel like such an idiot.

    Gimme a sec, I'm just off to get a Town Map from Blue's sister, if you know what I mean.
  2. Location: Pallet Town?

    How is that possible? There are only like two houses there and I don't recognise you at all
  3. hi, heard your a maths student at soton and was wondering if you have notes for second year maths, cheers
  4. futuredoc77
    Were you really? :gah:

    I've been using it a lot too lately :sigh:

    You guys are rubbing off on me :huff:
  5. futuredoc77
    Smug face addiction has hit you too? :gasp:

    I can tell :perv:
  6. futuredoc77
    You were way too easy :rolleyes:

    The Cobb Arms - bartender :holmes:
  7. hi......
  8. True, true. More important things to worry about, like Wenger's fantastic tactics today.
  9. You just negged me! Ah well it was my bad
  10. Grhh i'm on my phone: fat fingers = accidental neg.

    Sorry! I'll double pos in the future?

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  • About marcusmerehay

    Marcus Bearpark
    Where I study
    Uni. Southampton
    Canine Relocation Expert
    Star Sign
    About me
    Bitter, disillusioned, single white male seeks depressed, single female, 18-30 with no sense of humour for long talks about windmills.

    I'm joking.

    Desperate single white male recently rejected by society seeks decent, reliable woman, If such a thing exists in this cruel world of hatchet faced witches.

    I'm joking.

    Apply within. :sexface:
    Academic Info
    Canine Relocation - A
    Human Paradigm Orchestration - A
    Accounts Specialism - A
    Dynamic Data Facilitation - A
    Lead Optimisation Agency - B
    Future Data Association - F
    My hobbies include macramé, magic, masturbating, model cars, matchstick modelling, meditation, metal detection, MILF hunting, model rockets, model ships, motorcycling, mountaineering, mountain biking and music.

    Scrapbooking, scuba diving, sewing, sex, sharking, shooting, shopping, singing, skateboarding, sketching, skydiving, sleeping, snorkeling, soap making, soccer, socialising, spelunking, stamp collecting, storytelling and swimming.

    Calligraphy, candle-making, canoeing, caving, chess, church, cloudwatching, coin collecting, composing music, computing, cooking, craftwork, cross-stitch, crosswords, cruising and cumming on your face (suck it).

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