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  1. HI,
    I just saw you had posted about working for Explore Learning, and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? I've been looking around for another part time job (I do waitressing, but only get maybe one shift a month), and noticed that Explore learning is recruiting where I live. I would really like to do a tuition- type thing, and as I have experience working with children, and am good at explaining stuff (with excellent academic record) - my only worry is whether they tend to allow long periods off...I'm going to be away for 5 weeks in the early summer, and then to university in october, though hopefully somewhere with very short terms (8 weeks), so I'd have plenty of time in the holidays. Do you know if they tend to be accomodating of things like that? Also whether you can chose which days you work? I have quite a few extra-curriculars going on...sorry to bother you, and many thanks if you can help!

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    It's about time I did something with this profile!!

    I'm 21, living at home in a small village in the back end of nowhere with my dog, my parents and my younger brother. I have 2 older brothers, an older sister and a younger brother. I'm also an auntie to 6.

    In the end I want to be a teacher; I've got to this through 8 GCSE's (A-D), 3 A-Levels (B-D) and a BTEC ND in Early Years (MMMD) - For the record, I'm a big advocate of BTECs. I think they're much better than A-Levels.

    I've one a variety of jobs; Right now I'm simply paying the bills on a checkout in Morrisons. Previously though, I did the best job a student could do, and tutored children in Maths and English. Incredably rewarding!
    Academic Info
    I rated highly in my 11-Plus, and to my fathers horror I attended the local comprehensive.

    I got, as mentionned, 8 GCSE's A-D and 3 A-Levels in English, Psychology and Communication, B-D.

    I've just finished my favourite course of the three, a BTEC ND in Early Years Level 3, with a MMM-D.

    I will be studying Primary Teaching with QTS (English Specialism) at Kingston, on the Kingston Hill campus.
    I have a really wide variety of interests. xD

    As a general rule I don't drink!

    I love animals; I've never lived in a town or city, and so I've always turned to wildlife because it's all around me! We've always had dogs, we've adopted stray cats and at the moment I also have my darling lizard, Demon. I've also owned horses and ponies, and long for that lifestyle again.

    Being so rural (and with the cost of driving so high), I'm mainly stuck at home. This means that by default, I take a vague interest in computing and the internet. MSN is often my link to the outside world, unfortunatly. I hate it deep down, but I have to live with it for now.

    I love to read. Anything, in fact. Books are my guilty buying. If I'm ever feeling down, I'll try and buy some books. I love the classic chick-lit, but I also enjoy a good fantasy read!!
    I love my books, as mentionned.

    I love to learn. I find knowledge extremely powerful.

    I love my family and my friends.

    I especially love my boyfriend, who is constantly understanding, caring and giving, no matter what I need.

    I love my animals; My puppygirl, Bella and all my previous dogs.

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