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  1. A weeping cat :eek3: :tardis:
  2. lol. Sorry. I don't remember TSR usernames and it doesn't show you sig on wall messages. Have a free rep from me
  3. What?
  4. I ****ing love your signature aww xD this is coming from a guy by the way but I just love that cat!
  5. nice im from pakistan and in uk i live in sheffield well before the forces went in iraq was a good country
  6. lol true am more towards asia though what country u from
  7. i like ur name
  8. i've not heard many of the podcasts because i found him through 'an idiot abroad' hehe. but yeah ricky adds to the humour hahaa, i'll check some of those pods out laters
  9. haha me too, with the 'meet karl pilkington' video, i've watched it so many times and everytime i'm pretty much crying! he's so awesome though :ahee:
  10. I think he's awesome He pushes the limit with his jokes. Sometimes I feel bad for laughing at him, even on 8 out 10 cats you hear the audience laugh and THEN gasp.

    I like the whole speaking your mind - and pushing limits thing. shining ah arsh light on reality etc.

    But having said that, he isn't my favourite comedian :P

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