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  1. Dragonfly07
    You read it wrong!! The violent verses you see are full of peace between the lines!!

    It's a perfect book but it's not the book's fault if it leads people to violence... it's the people who misunderstood it because they didn't know the BACKING STORIES BEFORE THE BOOK WAS REVEALED!!

    Yeah I'm done here.
  2. Well you shouldn't take something when you have no interest as the person is shoving it down your throat.

    No, the context........ as in when the verse was revealed, e.g. what was going on before the verse was revealed, etc.

    I didn't you didn't understand it........point I was making that you can't come to a conclusion without reading every little bit of detail, even more so with a religious book where verses are not in chronological order.

    Stop making assumptions, I simply stated how most people understand by using translations as most Muslims don't understand Arabic meaning but can only read it.......and went to say that its one of the ways they learn to understand the Arabic they read.
  3. Then why take it, just politely decline, seems like the women was a bit off.

    You read the Qu'ran yes, but also to try to understand it, which doesn't just mean the translations but also the story behind the verse, otherwise it makes no sense to why the verse is the way it is.

    Again, you can't just make a statement without would be silly to come to a conclusion of a book by read a page or 2 or a few lines, its the same with scholars in Islam they would take every related piece before coming to give decrees when required.
  4. "Violent" verses, again no one ever looks at the context, same with verses in Qu'ran whether the verse was enacted because of war. Verses apply depending in the situation/circumstances if such a thing is not there then they are not applicable.
  5. I can't find the post you man but as long as i'm not negatively misrepresented I don't mind too much :P
  6. Ahh right, I'll probably check back into it in a bit, been involved in a couple of other debates. TSR get's so much more interesting when I have Essay work to put off :P

    And yeah, most of those kind of debates end up going in circles, there's a point where you just have to step out of it.
  7. Sorry, which conversation was it? I've been all over the forum today :P
  8. you are say because you are knowing bilingual you knowing grammar of every language? is very grandiose claim from you if only you being only two language.
  9. Looks like I have
  10. No. I'm not brave enough for 4chan.

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