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    The pic of your corolla isn't that in the flats next to kingston hill
  2. Not surprised! I want to fix it, but I'm not sure I could put up with the ignorance or stupidity of many shown in the thread. You think it'd be easy to post pictures of good looking women without coming under some sort of scrutiny.
    Same mostly tbh, enjoying the summer and my new job. Yes, you are right, it is sunny old 7oaks!
  3. Yeah. Look at it now, "smh". Half tempted to start a new thread. How's life otherwise?
  4. I'm at Chemring Countermeasures in Salisbury! ;3 What about you?
  5. :awesome:
  6. You know what? I saw this message come up on my BB and only saw the first line of what you had said because the screen is so small! I was all ready to claim my human rights were to be infringed! :p:
  7. Nice photos, brochacho.
  8. Yes Mr trevs
  9. Yo Yo Yo
  10. the thread was What is everyones ''google+'' email/name so i can add you

    my response was of which is true as i dont have it available to me is - i don't have a google+ account so i can't supply it sorry!

    so i am curious as to how that warranted neg feedback?

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