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  1. Abu Umar
    Clear your inbox akh.
  2. roots
    Amazing how all that meaning is contained in 4 humble letters.
  3. My name actually means "successor"

    "However, in modern terms, an Aqib means to do sthing that is awesome, beyond words and imagination. Someone who pulls of an "Aqib" normally isn't too flashy and boastful of it, but is humble and down to earth."

    I'll tell you one thing, I kind of show off a lot, lol, yeah, it is Haraam to show off.
  4. roots
    Ridhwaan. Im the same, it can be difficult to sort out.
  5. I'm fine, lol, my real name is Aqib.

    Same, boring these days, especially when the sleep pattern messes up.
  6. roots
    Wa alaykum salaam akhi

    Not much brother. How are you?
  7. Aslamalecom Brother,

    Whats up?

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