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  1. Sorry, but I've already given you his workplace and alma mater. I doubt he'd be very happy about me handing out his name on the internet, too. Nothing personal.
  2. Oh they did :P Okay, I think I'll do that once I get my A-Level grades and see what they say, hopefully that won't be too late. If only I had the brains to study maths there! Thank you very much for your responses slumpy.
  3. Oh I see, well thanks for being frank about it, and yeah i'm thinking about being an actuary for a career. I know but work experience is impossible to get these days without contacts haha. I have an offer to study economics at cambridge next year, but I don't know whether to take it up or not. I feel like the graduate prospects are poor and giving up your life to banking is the only option. I've also just lost interest in econ and would like something more mathsy; I didnt know what I wanted to do when I applied. I was thinking of changing to physical natsci which is more broad or chemeng perhaps (looks really cool). Do you think cambridge would allow such a change? Im too scared to ask them now in case my offer is withdrawn and due to the subjects being quite different!
    Btw I know its off-topic, but I have to make a decision in a few months whether to go ahead or not and Im just a mess. I enjoy loads of subjects equally if im honest
  4. I probably won't get a reply, but I was just wondering why you were unemployed for a year after studying maths at cambridge? After all I'd have thought maths graduates are the most employable and clearly very clever, especially at the institution where you studied. Surely you could land a banking, research, engineering or IT post fairly easily.
    I just ask out of curiosity so would be nice to hear a reply, otherwise don't worry if I'm wasting your time lol. And how's being an actuary? I really don't know what i want to do with my life!
  5. Hello,
    I am a french high school student and I am doing a research on your university.
    I would like to know if you can help me
    I need to find a few information about your school: tuition fees, students, life on campus...
    Thank you very much
    Lydie B
  6. Nah, it's just an example of what I thought constituted revealing clothing in general.
  7. :nooo: Those evil mods! :unimpressed:
  8. I'm definitely going to see if I can do AH mechs next year! And as for chemistry it is actually quite interesting, it's grown on me recently, so again if i can I'll definitely give it a go (provided i do alright in higher).
    Thanks again for the help I really appreciate it
  9. Well I was thinking of taking maths, physics and another AH next year so mechs sounds pretty good to compliment them. Would you say that it wouldn't count as a full AH (workload wise) if you did both maths and physics because I might also do chemistry (like you did). Thanks for the help btw
  10. Hello I was wondering what AH mechs is like? (I saw your post on the s5 forum ) And did you have a teacher teach you it? Because i dont know of anyone ever doing it at our school, also for what degree's would it be useful? Thanks

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