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  1. Hi, just saw ur sig! Liked ur plans for ur gap year!
  2. Erm i didnt i dont think. what makes you think i did?
  3. Because of your post in the - People : Did you sleep with your bf/gf before getting serious? Or did you wait? thread, that's why.
  4. Whose the sexy chick in your avatar?

    I wanna do her so badly right now
  5. hi.......
  6. Hey, I'm amazed at how you've achieved so much in a year, I would love to travel exactly how you are travelling but it's hard considering the time and money to do so. i'm off to America for 4 months but that is relatively easy to do, how did you plan and manage the trip?
  7. Ah, you speak Malay? Which part of Malaysia are you from then?
  8. :aetsch:
  9. Music technology, I make music and I've also started singing so my group can record me :awesome:

    I also learnt to DJ and maintain instruments like what a roadie does at gigs for bands
  10. No...first year of college

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