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  1. Hi there,

    Would you be able to delete a thread I made in the relationships forum? It is titled "Can't get him out of my head"
  2. Hello

    i was wondering if you could close this ghost thread.

    sorry if this isnt how you should do things.

    thank you
  3. Without explanation, naturally.
  4. Negged because....? You thought I was being snobbish? Quite the opposite.
  5. Vikki1805
    Appreciate the rep. :cute:
  6. I keep getting a notification, " hacked by rootinabox. twitter @rootinabox <3 "
    what is this all about? is my profile hacked by someone? i changed my password, but i still get this message.
  7. The original context was that warnings should be made public if the warned user wanted it to discuss it in public.

    Then some crap about freedom of speech if anyone is censored.

    Then on topic.

    And now claims that not discussing warnings is on par with North Korea :P .

    My night's been anger filled.
    Which is a shame, but my weeks gone pretty well over all!

    I see you have the Welsh flag up on your user, are you in North Wales by any chance?
  8. You might be able to tell, I'm a little bit fed up with the idiocy posted on the thread. I don't really understand why the thread hasn't been closed.

    Edit: Though I think the mods are handling it pretty well, and thanks for the compliment .

    How's the rest of your evening going?
  9. What do you play?

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    Where I study
    School of Music, Cardiff University
    Marketing Executive for a software company.
    Star Sign
    About me
    I have four passions in life: Good Company, Good Music, Good Food and Good Wine (and cider, while I'm at it).

    I'm a bit of current affairs geek, and most definitely a Music Nerd - no real talent re: performing but I can talk about the complexities of Music till the cows come home!

    I am most at home on the beach or up a mountain, but I quite like home comforts too.

    Hobbies include thinking, wondering, pondering pub philosophy and general messing about.

    I tend to put a positive spin on everything. Make of that what you will.

    (If you're wondering, I'm the guy on the right hand side of the photo).
    Academic Info
    Recently graduated from Cardiff University School of Music.

    Pursuing a career in Arts Administration/Management.
    Swimming, Surf Lifesaving, Watersports, Skiing, Photography, Reading, Writing, Debating.

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