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  1. Hi

    I recently set up a thread under anon which I cannot see anymore because I apparently misused the anon service even though I don't actually know why??? The thread was about me anyway so I don't know why I am not allowed to see it anymore....please could you kindly inform me what I have done wrong? Also it would be really useful if I had access to it wasn't even anything bad!
    The name of the thread is this.....
    Guys! What intimidates you in a girl???

  2. Hi!

    I deperately need a thread deleted, I recently posted 'Is it that bad being a Muslim?' in the relationships section but would really appreciate it if it could be deleted as some of the replies are upsetting.

    I hope you understand and please do let me know if you delete it.

  3. Why must you ruin everything with your 'No sex tips' !!!
  4. hi can you please check the ASK a moderator thread thasnk
  5. I love that post you made, was very nicely put
  6. Helo. Wyt ti'n hoffi coffi?
  7. I suppose you left before the massive rebuild, were you impressed?
  8. Out of interest, did you go to cowbridge comprehensive? Just because I saw you were from cowbridge, and thats where I go to school
  9. Well it was just the induction, which I had seen before, just watching videos about health and safety and the likes, also my first proper shift is on tuesday at 9am I'm out for halloween on the monday night...sad face.
  10. I started in Game

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    Where I study
    School of Music, Cardiff University
    Marketing Executive for a software company.
    Star Sign
    About me
    I have four passions in life: Good Company, Good Music, Good Food and Good Wine (and cider, while I'm at it).

    I'm a bit of current affairs geek, and most definitely a Music Nerd - no real talent re: performing but I can talk about the complexities of Music till the cows come home!

    I am most at home on the beach or up a mountain, but I quite like home comforts too.

    Hobbies include thinking, wondering, pondering pub philosophy and general messing about.

    I tend to put a positive spin on everything. Make of that what you will.

    (If you're wondering, I'm the guy on the right hand side of the photo).
    Academic Info
    Recently graduated from Cardiff University School of Music.

    Pursuing a career in Arts Administration/Management.
    Swimming, Surf Lifesaving, Watersports, Skiing, Photography, Reading, Writing, Debating.

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