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  1. I figured it out a bit late that you were Mark when you mentioned abt student room in ur FB msg
    I don't have a strong background to aeronautics.. I have done my graduation in Mechanical abt 8 yrs back and then a masters in now working as a CAD developer.. So I am not familiar with core aeronautical courses.. I have done a couple of courses during my graduation and previous post grad, and it is just out of interest that I want to pursue this course.. I have a lot of homework to do before I come there especially seeing the course structure
  2. Hi..
    Since you too are going in for MSc Thermal Power 2014, I thought we could connect through Facebook (if you are using it ). It would really help in knowing folks before landing up there. If interested you can look up for Krushnan Mahalingam on FB.
    Hoping to get connected.
  3. Also i applied to BENG degree how hard is it to transfer to MENG? Like does it really matter if you apply to BENG or MENG?? i heard that after year 3 it pretty much depends on how your doing at uni. Can someone that applied to MENG go to BENG if his grades at uni are rly bad?

    Ty again
  4. I saw you studied aero in the engineer vs physics thread, this is an online magazine I generally disagree with as I feel it's a bit propaganda-y but it's normally an easy/interesting read. I thought you might enjoy this article;
  5. Wow, you actually got a username change! Nice.

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