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  1. Just saw that Elizabeth Fry is a distant relative of yours, well she lived in my Granny's house in Northrepps,Norfolk!
  2. Fint, hvad med dig?
  3. I seem to remember the last time we spoke you were backing cupcakes...

    Challenge accepted? :sexface:
  4. You need to delete stuff your inbox apparently so I'll post this here!

    No worries at all! Sounds like your situation is perfect for warranting a Kindle then, haha! I find the book prices to be very reasonable, sometimes they are 60/70% cheaper than the print price! And, of course, all the classics for free aha I would also never download books illegally though, I would feel far too bad 'cos if I truly love a book that much I like to know I'm genuinely supporting the author! Whereas with the classics I guess nowadays it's literally just you supporting the publisher rather than whoever actually wrote it...

    I don't know the guy you are referring to though, no! What is his name and do you know what he studies/what year he is in? I do History and loveeee it, apart from it genuinely has its own weather system I swear to god. It's pretty diabolical. What do you study?

    How is Denmark, anyway? Does that mean you speak Danish? :O
  5. Thanks for taking the time out to do that we are staying near central station by the sounds of it :beard:

    It is three guys going on probably the most unresearched holiday ever so we are relying on helpful strangers :awesome:

    Night time events would be good as long as they aren't ridiculously expensive!!
  6. I never know how to work this part, that's why I never replied lol.
    I haven't a clue where we are staying, probably near lots of things

    I'd quite like to do Christmassy things as well as a bit of a sight seeing. Also, somewhere nice but too expensive to eat would be great!
  7. I thought everyone looked like that in Sweden? Or have I been grossly misled?

    If that fails, head over to Skyrim. Lots of Erics there, I'll bet. Have you ever seen Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles? It's very good, and Brad Pitt looks pretty awesome in it.
  8. Yes, yes he is. As a heterosexual male... just damn. I miss his long hair though, because it was so perfect and neat... contrasted a bit with the crazy vampire that he is.
  9. You said in a thread that you like Scandinavian/Germanic men... so... Eric by any chance?

  10. When you came in the air went out.

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