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  1. nm786
    quick question, whose mao?
  2. Hey, I'm organising a TSR Islamist meet at the East London Mosque. Let me know if you can come.


  3. Dear Mr Dilkington

    Actually my hatred of the Islamic Regime goes back to when they seized my family's pistachio farm during the 1980s and coverted it to a working men's club for off duty Basijis. My Bahai-Marxist-Monarchist leanings are really secondary to this most horrendous violation of my family's honour.

    I hope this clarifies matters for you,

  4. You are a really impressive person, you're like a Mao.
  5. Dilkington,

    Quick question, why do you hate Arabs?
  6. Hey Dilikington.

    Great question. I'll answer your question in Avi Shlaim-style. I have never questioned the legitimacy of nuking children within the '67 border. However, what I will not stand for is nuking children beyond the '67 borders. Keep in mind though, when I use the word "children", I don't mean collectively nuking kids. I mean targeting individual children multiple times.

    Best wishes,


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