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  1. Languages Nutter
    If people are reading these messages and wondering why I'm not replying, it's because I tend to reply via private message Please do bear with me!
  2. Hi! I noticed your name on the Cambridge sticky and saw that you're studying French and Spanish! I'm considering applying to Selwyn for September to study French and Spanish as well, so I was hoping you could give me a bit of information regarding interviews? I'm just wondering about the general flow of the interviews and the types of questions etc! Also, would you mind telling me any books you'd recommend which may be worth reading and mentioning on my personal statement?
    Thankyou so much for your help and I'm sorry to be an absolute pain!
  3. Hey i was just wondering if you could help me, im considering applying to cambridge to do spanish and ab initio italian but i dont know if my grades are good enough. i dont have my heart set on oxbridge or anything so just want someone to be brutally honest as i dont want to waste an application!
    gcses: 5A*s, 4A's 1B
    as levels: Spanish A (average 88 ums), English lit A (average 91 ums) History of Art A (average 100 ums) History A (average 82 ums)
    predicted a level grades: English lit A*, History of Art A*, Spanish A

    thank you and please be brutally honest!!!!
  4. Hiya how's it going?
    I saw your studying French and Spanish at Cambridge and wondered if I could ask you a few questions? I've got a firm offer to study French and ab initio Spanish at Kings, and I'll start in October, so I'm just curious to know a few things before I go.
  5. thanks for checking me spanish!
  6. Hi, I was the one who posted the thread "I want to study languages, but my head says NO" . Basically, i'm going to the next Cambridge open day, and wanted to hear from you (an actual pupil) what the course is like? What are the people like? The work load? Also, is your course packed full of literature?? because i think i'd prefer the more linguistic and cultural side Thankyou
  7. Languages Nutter
    No problem - all I'd ask is that it isn't coursework.
  8. Hey you mentioned on the thread that you wouldn't mind going through my work?
  9. Could you help increase my accuracy in some pieced of French I have written?

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