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  2. I am extremely jealous of your most recent avatar.

    That is all.
  3. Hi T_C sent u a new pm ^_^
  4. Hi.

    Could I take up the position of Latvian representative in the MUN?
  5. TSR God more like
  6. She was (as was Freema Ageyman before she played Martha Jones), but I think there's more to it than that though. Steven Moffat is writing it, after all!
  7. Well I think the current format is only temporary so that they can have as much Doctor Who in 2013 as possible. After next year, things will probably settle back to normal (hopefully).

    As for the new companion, she was actually in last week's episode (as Oswin, the girl inside the Dalek), so it'll be interesting how they explain that at Christmas. :beard:
  8. It's 5 now, the Christmas special in December and the remaining 8 episodes in early 2013 IIRC. Series 8 should then come around Autumn 2013.
  9. I didn't forget to respond to this, I just travelled forwards in time by 1 week. :ninja:

    But yeah, I enjoyed it. I would have preferred it to have been a bit longer as parts of it felt a little rushed, but no complaints other than that. :nah:
  10. I completely understand your concern, don't worry. Nevertheless get back to me when you have an answer.

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