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  1. No way, I fully support foreign aid and think it should be increased! It's a travesty the amount of economic inequality we still have in the world. No, it's Western, secular, socially liberal, tolerant values that I love, not simply the West itself.
  2. It's a bit more nuanced than that, but... pretty much.
  3. Vikki1805
    I hate you.
  4. Of course! I shall be 100% studious :angel:
  5. Sadly you are correct I have about 25 books to read this year. And many of them are dull as dishwater. Especially the main authors for Scottish Lit. And I have 4 essays and 3 exams...all before Christmas. Rather shocked at the amount of work being piled on the first year students.
  6. Yep! Only at the 'ancient' Scottish universities though e.g Glasgow and Edinburgh and a few others. Also the BA is called an MA over here. Weird. Anyway my MA is in English Literature and English Language, though I'm also studying Scottish Literature this year.
  7. Four years :sadnod: Scottish degrees take four years sadly. Though I hope to not partake in floor pizza too much personally. Tasty though I'm sure it is. Too far? :lol: And indeed :yes:
  8. Ah yes floor pizza - delightful. Well they certainly are at different ends of the spectrum! I'd be more inclined to go along with the Urban Dictionary version. :lol:
  9. I was never quite sure what your username meant. I looked it up and the first definition on Urban Dictionary made me chuckle:

    A hot male or female with a sexy body that you want to slam against rapidly.

    Learn something new every day.
  10. :girl: once again!

    I've had it for months but I haven't seen anything recently that has made me want to update it :sad:

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