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  1. ahq
    It certainly looks spectacular! :sogood: Thanks!
  2. ahq
    What's the unspoilered image in your sig? Looks pretty fantastic. :holmes:
  3. (Original post by noisy06)
    I didn't even say Asharis were not Muslims, I said they are not ahlus sunnah. It doesn't matter what the numbers are, if 99% of the world Muslims became Shia tomorrow then it still doesn't make it correct. I would like to see the evidence for the stats that you gave, but even if you can prove it, Asharis are not ahlus sunnah, numbers do not mean anything. Once upon a time the Mu'talizah were the majority of the Muslims world, I'm sure you knew that so don't come to me with numbers.
    I didn't come at you with numbers to prove that we're still Ahl-al Sunnah (even though I obviously think that we all are) but to suggest that you respect the fact that people who use this forum aren't all following precisely the same school of thought that you follow and so you just respect the other legitimate Muslims out there who'll want to take part in these discussions.

    Assalamu Alaykum
  4. Your post got deleted so I thought I'd just respond via VM, the mods are cracking down on spam =P

    I actually don't get the majority of my rep from the religion forum (Only about 1 in 8 of my posts is there), most of it comes from giving advice in the tech forums. I don't really worry about it per sé, it's nice to have though XD regarding the next life, I'll worry when I see proof that there is one (:
  5. On a scale of 1-10 how awkward are you?
  6. Asalamoalaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

    Please consider providing some help here and spread the link:


  7. Hylean
    Now you've just made me feel old. :sad:
  8. LOL i'm trolling you and your getting proper into it.
    Yea bro i stitched the word awkward into my vest the other night.
    I also stitched the word haram on the back.
  9. Having an awkward conversation about the word awkward.
    Never thought i'd have to say/write that.
  10. Out of everything i've said to you, THATS what you pick up on?

    Yea ima say it again. How awkward.

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