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  1. Hello, I have my MOMF exam in a month and was wondering if you could give me some revision tips. I didn't do history A level or anything like that so I'm not really sure how to revise for the exam. Do I need to learn quotes/historians etc?

    Merci beaucoup
  2. Hiya! Would you mind filling in a questionnaire for my dissertation, it will only take 10mins and you could win £25, I'd be very grateful! Thank youuu
  3. nb0
    really! where? that's awesome
  4. nb0
    what is your job then
  5. Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham! That is all.
  6. Wait, so are you a Tottenham fan or an Arsenal fan?
  7. You're a good ****.

    Work that one out. ****.
  8. I would like to thank you for your informative and well composed posts that are to be found throughout this site.
  9. Not really much to add! Though, it may be worth mentioning Zara in your list of good stores - they have quite a few nice pieces at the moment.
  10. Your men's fashion guide is fantastically comprehensive. The paragraph on the garishness of very large logos and branding is spot on!

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    La vie est belle.

    (Original post by Yuffie)
    Wait, let me change my 'who i'd most like to have a fight with' to you, as you're irritating on all d+d things, prancing around like an especially moronic version of ken livingstone.
    (Original post by Cooro)
    Bagsy rockrunride, whoever you are.
    (Original post by Noémie)
    have sex with me
    (Original post by burninginme)
    People like you really should be banned from the Internet, or use of a computer at all.
    (Original post by Jeremy-Bentham)
    I think your a TROLL. tbh.
    (Original post by burninginme)
    So shut your mouth you ignorant racist.
    (Original post by Asteron)
    Your Marxist attitude is sickening and infantile. Open your eyes to the real world you delusional, uneducated cretin. I sincerely hope you never attain a public office.
    (Original post by ithink)
    You, rockrunride, are everything wrong with this country.
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