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  1. Thanks for the rep!

    Many underestimate the work done in many BTEC courses and it is very annoying. We do around 20 Assignments (ranging from easy to very difficult) and it's not just bullpoop. So, I'm glad you understand

    I'm doing very well, thanks! I want to do either aerospace or aeronautical engineering at University. Mathematics being an option also.

    What about you?
  2. I just ate your baaaaanaaaanaaaa :sexface:
  3. Awh I can imagine, should be good if you're passionate about it :3

    haha yeah I guessed :lol: English is going alright! Some of the books I had to read this year bored me senseless but meh :lol:
  4. Ooooh I see nice one! Looking forward to it? LOL "my little brainbox"? :lol: Yeah I'm sure I'll be OK haha.
  5. Uni attempt 2? Yeah I'm ok! Busy with revision atm, will be done with first year this time in a week though :woo: 2 exams left
  6. Cheers for the rep indeed it has been, how are you?
  7. Don't touch my baaaaaaaaanaaaaaaanaaaaaa :unimpressed:
  8. You are under arrest under section 101. Please show your hands.
  9. Khallil
    Have you seen my sig? :sexface:
    Le sig
    Your eyes can hear her accent :sogood:

  10. Khallil
    6000 posts?

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