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  1. oh.. so why is there a girl in your pprofile pic ?
  2. im confused.. are yu a guy or a girl ?
  3. It's fine ...and lol at the guy below me

    wotever your beliefs, they are wrong.

    israel are right to retaliate in kind to palestines cowardly attacks on UN reckognised israeli soil.
  5. I have a question from your sig, did they REALLY let the Israeli children sign those bombs for other Lebanese children, or were they told that it was for their target. I just really want to know. Thanks
  6. Boy have I missed your posts
  7. Hey ^^, how's it going?
  8. How do you know those shells that Israeli children were signing reached Lebanese children and did not just fall on the head of Sheikh Nasrallah and his cadre, like one of those children obviously hoped
  9. what happened to that trinity ****** ???
  10. They get the kids to sign the bombs? no way there must be a logical explanation for those pictures.

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    Sixth form; upper VI / year 13
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    About me
    (To the tune of: Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal):
    ♫ Coz all I care about is grades and Oxbridge... ♪
    ♪ This is TSR bro so don't try and stop it. ♫

    - Song courtesy of the legendary Simcard2007. We miss you brother in arms, RIP to a noble end.

    - Another fallen hero: Adonis. The hero that was, is, and shall for ever more be remembered in our hearts. (All say together): We shall remember Adonis.

    Feel free to PM me about anything; or ask for my MSN ID / Facebook. :cool:

    If you've PM'ed me, please don't mind if I take a number of days to reply if not marked 'URGENT'. :bigsmile:

    Academic Info
    Academic Profile (if you're interested)
    GCSEs (5.5) / IGCSEs (6) - at grade A*:

    (GCSE): English language, English literature, German, R.S., Art, ICT short course.

    (IGCSE): Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, French (with additional speaking qualification).

    CBLC: German level 1, French level 2.

    AS levels (5 traditional subjects + compulsory GS):

    4 X high As (over 97%) [last A after one clerical recheck - cheers for that D Edexcel :rolleyes:]
    1 X mid A (91%)
    1 X General Studies A (100%) - not that this one is worth much :p:

    Predictions: A*A*A*A* + a (extra AS level).

    University offer: Law (M100) - Cambridge; firm.
    Too many to list...

    Aside from TSR... cricket, boxing, motorcycles; reading non-fiction, physics, philosophy, theology, mathematics, manly cooking, history of the Holy Grail, law, economics, PC vs. Mac debates...

    the list goes on.

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