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  1. Hi sllekchic,

    I noticed you have had experience of the TC interview at SJ Berwin. I've got a vac scheme coming up there and would love to get a place. If you could message me what kind of case study you were given (eg. was it an M&A deal?) and the kind of questions you were asked, that would be so so helpful. I know I'm asking you a favour here but if you could spare the time to get back to me I would truly grateful.

  2. Yes basically you get trained 4 weeks... You habe to search systems for customers who had ppi then write letters and work out calculations for them it souds hard but its bit its just alot to do i was the only 22 year old there others were 50 plus who did not know how to use microsoft word so you can do it easy...

    Interview process is too easy you need a little admin exp and when you go there you do a test where u need to find mistakes in a letter and a small
    Maths test like bar graphs and pie charts and your done
  3. Hi. I'm actually not sure how long it takes, but they seemed quite efficient. There was a problem with the transfer to my account as it was a foreign one and I think I missed out some info they needed, so mine took longer than normal because they had to do it again with a different account. Definitely try and chase them if they are taking ages.
  4. Sorry. Negged you by accident just looking through some TSR history and then it happened, but that's touchscreens for you. Anyway, sorry again
  5. sleekchic
    Oh right. Hope that wasn't rude.

    I'm alright thabks. But final year is hard. How about you?
  6. Yeah man, e.g. with me in the OTH thread. You were like "I'm sorry mate, but you are wrong."

    How are you?
  7. You always tell it like it is, sleekchic.
  8. sleekchic
    Corporate was actually good but the other one was awful. I can't promise that I will read it tonight. I'm just trying to stay awake until a reasonable time but I'll see what I can do.
  9. How did your exam go?

    I've managed a fair amount of this essay now, thankfully! It is only the draft atm so needs a bit of fine-tuning.

    If you have a spare 10 minutes tonight would you mind me emailing it to you to have a read over Just for basic things like structure, it making sense and there is nothing obvious missing
  10. sleekchic
    Thank you. You're not just teasing me about the blue box, are you?

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