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  1. Hi, I saw you worked for Dick's Tea Bar a few years ago. I'm thinking of applying for bar staff and just wondering how you found the experience, do they offer ski passes and accommodation at all?

    Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. Hi, I had asthma when I was 3 for a few months and have been free ever since, I'm unsure on the RAF/RN/AAC policy regarding this subject. Could you shed some light please? Sorry you've probably answered this thousands of times. Have a good day.
  3. hello Venom,

    remember me Venom? vegan runner...

    how's your new life in the army, you were working in a sports shop, more exciting now?

    i was thinking about updating my running times, i improved incredibly.

    best wishes, Paul
  4. RAF- weapon systems operator- well paid, however i have to wait 8 months untill i am 17.5, and have to do a night school as this job requires a B in gcse maths. however the opportunities within the RAF i hear are so much greater, and with the right determination they could offer to sponser me in getting this b in gcse maths if they need me to, however i doubt they will.

    i would be extremely grateful for any information or adivce you could give me as i need a second opinion from someone who is a similar to me. thanks for your time,

    Joe Turner
  5. hey mate, im wondering if you could help me as you seem to have a bit of knowledge and experience with these kinds of things. im unsure wether to join the army or the RAF, not because people claim raf treat you better or either of them are better pay, its what opputunities i can get out of them and what i can get if i was to leave the forces.

    Army- survey engineering. great job, can get a level 5 higher dimploma in engineering surveying + driving lisences. is classed as a specialised job so can get paid more. i have the qualifacations for it, and they are taking people on for th 24/4/11. however i have better grades than what this demandss so should i do something more technical?

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