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  1. futuredoc77
    Thanks for the big ass rep :flutter:
  2. aaaaahhhh I LOVE your SIG!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  3. clad in armour
  4. futuredoc77
    What what means? :puppyeyes:

    Well, then be kind enough and tell me both

    Converted :smug:

    Heard anything from Liverpool? :ninjagirl:
  5. futuredoc77
    There isn't much more to it :erm:

    You first :ninjagirl: tell me your name, sweetie :puppyeyes:

    :laugh: No I'm just ruffling your feathers for no reason :teehee: you were much safer making that assumption than not making it :yes: Atheists make less than 0.1% of the Pashton population :rolleyes:
  6. futuredoc77
    Sweetie :hubba:

    :bigsmile: natural fertilizers are made out of human faeces :dontknow:
    Yeah, fail of a joke I know :getmecoat:

    No, I haven't mentioned it :laugh: and it'll remain a mystery :iiam: :smug:

    Are you saying I look old? :eyeball:


    From Pashto to Islam :facepalm2:
  7. futuredoc77
    :laugh::laugh: yeah, there're only so many of those conspiracies :rolleyes:

    :rofl::rofl: well natural fertilizers are sometimes purchased :teehee: :lol: --:getmecoat:

    Assuming you were conceived before me :mmm: or you time traveled :daydreaming: ..... sweetie (is that what we're on now? :gah:)

    If you'd been a good enough stalker of the thread, you would've known :mmm: it came up some time ago :moon:
  8. futuredoc77
    :rofl: maybe they made a white-paper copy of it too :dontknow:
    We're getting a bit carried away here aren't we bbz :laugh:

    I haven't seen any red papers in the stores :teehee: they must have a special shop for that shiz :daydreaming:

    Aww thanks :love: I would have guaranteed you a place as soon as you were born if I could :awesome:

    Yeah, it's quite easy to make that assumption :rolleyes: :lol:
  9. futuredoc77
    :laugh: or maybe the whole application is printed on a red piece of paper... just so it stands out from the rest :rofl: --- :erm: :emo:

    You know it's outta my hands bbz, or you would have had the offer months ago :moon:

    No, I don't :smug:
  10. futuredoc77
    Yeah, I guess you did the right thing :dontknow: Do you think they'll find out about it anyway... somehow? :ninjagirl:
    :laugh: You can haz the offer :sexface:

    Why wouldn't I be in the atheist society? bbz :hubba:

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