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  1. Must mean you can't see changes to that subreddit? Shows deleted for me on the actual page but is there on your profile.
  2. Deleted the message and the comment? :holmes:
  3. :lol:

    That is amazing. Took me a minute to realise it was you
  4. Why the neg mate?
  5. show me a good time.
  6. I couldn't do anything, it was stuck and I was just waiting to be killed. Surprised it took so long to be honest given how far in the open I was!
  7. Are either of you on twitter? Would make it much easy for me to send messages. My ps3 won't freeze at the start of a game giving kuks the easiest longshot of the night then!
  8. If its not just me then maybe it is lag. I've had a few arrows not hit people when they should have got them.
  9. Its very refreshing from CoD. I found everyone was camping in one corner yesterday when on there.

    Similar level to me then. Just seems to take a lot of bullets to kill anyone, unless its lag?

    Is kuks going on too?
  10. Yeah, should be on about 10.30 or 11 I hope. Depends if I can use the TV or not. Definitely up for playing Hunter again, had a great few games last night.

    What guns/attachments are good for power/reducing recoil on crysis? On the crash site mode the recoil on all guns is horrific for me!

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