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  1. Thanks for the rep. Have a great day.
  2. Saw your post about anxiety and uni accommodation, and I could have written that word for word this time last year. Just hope everything works out for you and that you don't have far to commute. I had to move out and now I commute a round four hour trip whenever I need to go into uni, because I just can't live there. It's such a pain, I hope your therapy works out or whatever happens with the psychiatrist. My doctor wouldn't refer me to anyone useful!
  3. I understand that.

    Except my infatuation lies with France
  4. It is interesting??
  5. Can you give me some examples of what they instruct you to memorize?
  6. Yeah, independence and developing your skill set outside of academics.

    Are you Spanish?
  7. It's amazing, I found university is half academics and half personal development, something a lot of students don't realise until it's too late. A first class degree is not equivalent to a first class graduate (if that makes sense).

    Law is tough, from what I've heard, why Law?. You can graduate into a lot of different disciplines after graduation, I'd imagine. If anything, you're already prepared, your post could easily be changed to: 'University Life: How to get a First'

    Hasta la vista.
  8. No I want to pick psychology because I'm quite interested in it, not because I need it
    And I want to pick it but people are telling me it's so hard and it just puts me down because I can't really face a tough challenge :/

    I saw one of the exam papers for AS and there were like lots of 4 and 12 marks questions which kinda scared me lol
  9. Heeyy
    You said your studying psychology right?
    Is it hard? And/ interesting?
    Would you recommend me taking it for A-Levels?
  10. As you've finished college, what are your plans for the future?

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