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  1. It's cool. I'm over it. Just lost my subginity for the first time. Was rather overwhelming to see the amount of hate x
  2. why do you neg me so much :cry2:
  3. I love your avatar. I was outside in the park and was hitting my screen thinking your avatar was a real bug.. <facepalm> but funny though.
  4. dam u, i just tried to wipe the bug off my screen.... awesome pic
  5. omdz that little picture thing with the insect moving u have keeps making me think i have an insect on my laptop screen!
  6. lmao at your sig :lol:
  7. Your avatar made me feel stupid
  8. OMG! I almost scratched my monitor because of YOU! LOL! The bug in you Avatar...:lol:, I thought it was really on my screen! :rofl: :lol:
  9. merry christmas!
  10. Just saw the image last night as it won't show up on my work PC. Is that me and you bbz? :love:

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