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  1. Hello

    I saw an old post about you working at Harrods,just wanted to know what you wore to the assessment center... Does it have to be a suit? Do you have to bring any documents? Also what was it like working there?

    Thanks for your time.
  2. It's cool. I'm over it. Just lost my subginity for the first time. Was rather overwhelming to see the amount of hate x
  3. why do you neg me so much :cry2:
  4. I love your avatar. I was outside in the park and was hitting my screen thinking your avatar was a real bug.. <facepalm> but funny though.
  5. dam u, i just tried to wipe the bug off my screen.... awesome pic
  6. omdz that little picture thing with the insect moving u have keeps making me think i have an insect on my laptop screen!
  7. lmao at your sig :lol:
  8. Your avatar made me feel stupid
  9. OMG! I almost scratched my monitor because of YOU! LOL! The bug in you Avatar...:lol:, I thought it was really on my screen! :rofl: :lol:
  10. merry christmas!

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