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  1. RIP!?
  2. Ha, well I haven't died if that's what you mean!
  3. Yeah, I'm still around..

    Can't believe you're at Queen Mary though! How did that happen?
  4. :rofl2:
  5. In a 1965 civil rights suit, the city prevailed when a federal judge found that the schools were not intentionally segregated, but that "the racial composition of each school is simply a result of the racial composition of the neighborhoods which they serve".Amazon Discount Codes
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  6. well well well. i remember you!
  7. lmao, good Lord! I have no choice but to agree with you! These actions are disgraceful and impossible to defend! :fuhrer:

    The last woman looked like she had crabs or something :wtf: and the woman with the rock? What the ****.
  8. me me me, UCL L L
  9. looool n0c0

    Where have you been?! And of course we have!

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