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  1. Hmmm sounds promising!! I will probably end up taking it! :P And thanks for the reassurance, good luck with that debt! x
  2. Damn you students with your holidays!! :P Lol i work at Debenhams atm, but just got offered a job as an admin assistant in a solicitors which my parents obviously want me to take =D It's not too bad, but I do miss my old school holidays :'( x
  3. Argghh, you've got right plans going on!! I don't know what I'm doing next week never mind in a few years =D Does sound like a cool plan though!! Maybe once I've saved up some money I can go travelling at the end of the year, who knows!! :P x
  4. Argghhhh your making me feel very jealous now!! ;p It's also very expensive though! Lol I'm trying to argue against myself now =D Damn youuuu!!! x
  5. Ooooh noooooo, don't tempt me!! Did you go travelling?? x
  6. Lol, I would love to but metaphorically speaking, I don't have the balls to do it alone and the people I would go with have gone to pesky uni!! ;p Damn it!! I shall have to hold out my plans to travel and rule the world for a later date! =D x
  7. Ooooh that sounds really fun!! I bet thats a really cool job at the end of it! And no i don't fancy being charged £9000 a year!! Its ridiculous. And I was going to go Lancaster uni x
  8. Hahaha, the gap year isn't that exciting, I'm not travelling or anything snazzy like that, just working! And I've heard of Glamorgan! =D I was gonna do History, and although a degrees a degree, I don't think I'd end up doing anything actually related to History at the end of it ;/ Plus the whole financial side of it!! (I like earning money atm! ) x
  9. Lmao cheers! :P And you must be just a big mixture of accents And I'm doing neither atm! I'm on a sort of gap year working but don't know if I want to go to university at all now, idea about future plans tbh!! How about you? I assume your studying at Cardiff? x
  10. Hahaha no sadly I'm not Welsh and don't have a snazzy accent! I'm a Yorkshire lass born and bred =D Lol, its not an impressive accent I assure you of that! ;p x

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