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  1. Yeah man, I'd like to think they were good purchases. Gonna save up this month's money I think cos I also bought loads of stuff on Amazon this month

    Of course. I like to base my opinions on nothing just to see it rile up people that actually care :moon:

    Tell me about it. Except for me it's only trains that I have to wait for Oh I see. How far apart is it? I'm sure driving would make it much easier, but if only one of you could drive that person might come to resent having to do all the driving :sly:
  2. Heya, I've got an offer for English Literature at Glasgow, and I LOVE the look of the University. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the city? The nightlife? The accommodation? Everything really.. haha!
  3. nope :emo: well i got an extension for a week but get 10% deducted but yh i remembered most of it and had all the journals with me so didnt take that long
    cool well your lucky nothing can phase u
    i like both just assignments involve more effort which im not used to.
    haha well your the first then, i absolutely dread them luckily i dont get to do them we do it in aweird but better way ;D
  4. dedicated, hardworking, soooo proud of the work then on deadline day lose my usb stick all the work gone :cry: :cry2:
    haha its why i prefer exams u can chill for a period and things can workout on the day, so u prefer exams to assignmetns aswell?
  6. So I spent my overtime money on a nice coat and some jeans and a watch :sly:

    That does just sound like politics students actually. I did International Relations as a first year supplementary subject and it was like that in those classes. Although some of the people in there and the things they said made me think they were pretty stupid despite their opinions. :teehee:

    I remember living that close to uni, those were the days :moon: But yeah travelling is so frustrating when you have to wait ages for interchanges on services. It's especially bad if there's like, one service per hour to where you want to go but your inbound train gets you there just a few minutes after the prevous one departed :mad: What's in Perth worth going to see? :holmes:
  7. haha true that i have got my act together for this last one though, decide to stay in uni and work on it everyday for 3 hours
    i prefer exams i can do last min revision and still do well i'll be relaxing either way
    good luck with your exams and assignments
  8. hmm that does make me feel a lil better seing as it is coming from u and u have experience in it
    the assignment will be my last have exams end of january though
    how bout u?
  9. yh thats true but to progress u still need over 40% which i doubt i will get i was the only one in my class to do that :ashamed: cool good luck at least someone prepared well :thumbsup:
    have one in 2 weeks then done for semester
  10. lol same here the library is where i get all my info from hm technically yh did one that was decent forgot bout the deadline for one of em had to miss lectures all day and had 2 hours to write an assignment which im sure has failed :emo: how are urs going?

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    I'm Louise, I'm 19 and I study English Language and Politics at Glasgow Uni. I love the subjects, the city and the people. If yo have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to get in contact.

    After university, I want to be a journalist, perhaps political. I've wanted to write professionally since pre-teen days. It's the only thing I've ever been truly passionate about.

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    September 2010

    A Levels: AAA
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    No, I don't do C's.
    Films, books, writing articles (currently write for Glasgow University Guardian and my blog), riding my scooter (I miss it!) and going out with friends!

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