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  1. There's no accent on the 'e', you dingbat And mademoiselle, thank you. I'm not that old...yet. (Yep, keeping up the reputation of pedantic linguist here :ninja:)

    Hell yeah! :awesome: Can't take over the world all by myself now can I? :sad: Don't leave me now :cry2:

    Well, I thought I might as well put 2+2 together...but I ended up with 5 :sad: Why can't you be gay? (Wait, what? :ninja:) I've only been to Brighton once...and that was because we all got lost and ended up in the wrong place (apparently my friend didn't realise that there's a difference between M1 Northbound and Southbound Yes, we were supposed to be in Manchester...I don't even know what happened :sigh:)

    'Tisn't bad I've lived in this sodding town all my life though so I want out Obviously, I regularly insult my hometown but deep down I love it really Waaaay deep down though :indiff: But it's there somewhere

    You're a Londoner? :awesome: All the more reason to go to KCL (nope, no subliminal messages here...:ninja:)
  2. You're even meaner to your teddies than I am Go buy one (thousand) to make up for it

    That's ages away! Just go to know you want to really (I have no ulterior motive here :ninja:)

    I will one day Haha it didn't have anything to do with the person who was playing Elle does it?

    Brighton hey...this explains your, ahem, admiration for guys and you liking Legally Blonde :beard: No, I kid But really...:sexface: I'm at Northampton Smack bang in the middle of England
  3. Oh I know they are :sexface: Oh really? :sly:

    Nothing's too difficult for us

    Admittedly, I still have all of mine from my childhood I think they're in the garage though...freezing in there :sad:

    :eek: What a piss take! Cam - sort yourselves out. Prontissimo 'Tis a bit odd but I guess it's supposed to deter people from applying if they're not serious :dontknow: Either that or they're sadists

    I only know of Holland Park because of Bridget Jones I've only sort of walked through it but from what I've seen of it - 'tis nice :yep: £78!?! Get out! :yikes: No I've not seen it but I want to I just want to see how the re-enact Circle of Life

    A talent you've kept under your hat, old boy. :holmes: LET'S GOOOO! :starwars:
  4. :iiam: That's probably the main reason people think I'm a guy tbf Nope, I'm straight. I just appreciate the attractiveness of the same sex (which sounds confusing but there you have it )

    We must take over that'll be easier to take over the world that way, no?

    TEDDY! :jumphug: ...I mean, pfft, I'm not 5 :ninja: Ouch! That's a lot! How much do Cam charge?

    Yeah but the difference of £105 is a lot to me Get out, Mr I-have-another-2-months

    Of course we must raid the Strand And Hyde Park too just because :ninja: Legally Blonde!? :teehee: LION KING!

    Indeed you do :holmes: When did that happen, oh Watson? My how you've changed.
  5. Lol true I've even been accused of being a guy pretending to be a girl...I don't think some of these guys believe that girls use the internet You can always do one in Brussels or Strasbourg instead - somewhat easier to find :awesome:

    It's been 5 weeks already though not including the Xmas break :sad: Maybe I can stalk them...:ninja: Pffft £25 app fee to wait this long. Warwick were at least quicker despite their £35 app fee :rant:

    £825 but I hate seeing more than £100 being taken out of my account per month - that's like my mini budget £930!? :zomg: 'Tis a lot

    Yes we should! I quite like Bloomsbury - we can take over the whole area Oh oh oh I so want to own the Waterstones on Gower St - :puppyeyes:

    True true :yep: KCL is so much nicer too! BOAT PARTIES! :woo: They practically own the river :cool:

    That's just elementary, my dear Watson. How did you guess when I had my disguise on? :holmes:

    YAY! Smilies :awesome: So's yours now
  6. Lol yes that's the main reason Plus people sending me their French homework to do for them. Not going to happen

    Row, row, row your boat! :dance: :ninja: 6 weeks :zomg: ...that means I'll probably have to wait til 27th :sad:

    :yep: 'Tis next Tuesday :eek: I'm going to cry when I see this month's bank statement :emo:

    I hope you do get it! (And secretly don't as well otherwise who am I going to take over the world with? :sad: ) Yep, KCL's better for my course but UCL are a little up themselves so you never know Besides KCL's better for your course is well so yeah

    So you're Watson? :teehee:

    That's ages away! :eek: :huff:
  7. Haha I would PM instead but I've blocked PMs for various reasons

    Bastards Beat them at their own game - start rowing Or something like that Nope, nothing from UCL. Pfffft. I just want them to reply so I can see my references Deadline for KCL coming up soon though :yikes:
  8. Pssst. :ninja:

    Any news from Cambridge yet?
  9. Sorry to hear you got rejected by UCL. Did they provide you with a reason to why you got rejected?
  10. vinc10
    hey mate how are u doing? I applied to UCL and Imperial (both MSc Management) as well. Have you heard from any of them yet? Let's keep in touch with our progress on the applications.



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