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  1. No worries definitely gave me piece of mind to make it! Sorry to hear about your car, that's truly awful. Some terrible people out there.
  2. Awww thank you glad to see someone agrees! (I make a lot of people angry :P)
  3. Oh dear :P well I shall take it as symbolic rep, which post was it?
  4. Here's one

    Here's another

    Last one now

    I have tried to think outside of the box with these so I hope you like them.
  5. Thanks for replying, i don't know how to reply on the thread ha
  6. Sadly I have "given out too much Reputation in the last 24 hours, try again later."
  7. I love your username.

    Not Jelly Bean, but a bean of jelly.

    It's great.
  8. Fair enough! Depends whether we stay - we have less places for clinical school than for undergrad, so some people have to move to London, I think. If we're in Oxford we're mainly at the JR Can I be forgiven for forgetting which year you're in?
  9. Afraid so! didn't realise you'd become a pastafarian...

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