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  1. Ah sorry I've taken so long to reply! I thought that perhaps if I didn't reply to my emails, I might get more work done (this failed lol).

    No way you definitely sound extremely talented! And brave! Getting into med and then choosing to repeat different subjects definitely sounds scary to me!

    Ah you may be saddened to know that I've changed my mind from Cambridge to Oxford :eek: Yes, I know I'm a traitor lol :laugh: I've actually looked at the 3 unis you mentioned. Avoiding London due to the cost of living but York and Sussex sound good. I'm thinking maybe York rather than Exeter since I'm up north and Exeter is far away! Where are you thinking of applying?

    Yes I used the PS checkers on TSR as well and he/she was really helpful! If I could give infinite amount of rep it would be to them haha :lol:

    How are your subjects going? Preferring them to the dreaded sciences?

    And sorry I still have to reply to your post on the Wuthering Heights thread! Soon honest! :p: x
  2. Tehe, why thank you! Sabrina was shown on Film 4 earlier this afternoon; Audrey at her finest!

    Also, you have great taste in film (I saw your post in Recommendations).

    I heart MM too! xo
  3. Wow you must be multi-talented to get into medicine and then change to an arts subject with Cambridge potentially on the line! Wow Good luck!!

    I'm not fully decided yet on other unis but I'm thinking Durham, Warwick, Exeter and not sure for the last one. And the personal statement...well...:p: How long did it take you to perfect it when you applied for medicine? x
  4. Oh, I hope you get in soon!

    I've just sent you a long pm with some pottermore info - hope it helps stave off the madness as you wait!
  5. Hey :grin: Yeah, I got my email the day before yesterday :awesome: I was SO over the moon! (to get it, and then to get into Ravenclaw :dance:). I've always considered myself a 'Claw & have the uniform and stuff so was driven to distraction with nerves before I took the test. I got in on day 1, barely a minute after the clue went up. But it's done on a random basis - some people from day 7 got their emails in the first batch. Could be tomorrow, could be October I'm afraid Hope you get yours soon though! Send me your username when you get in & we can be friends Ravenclaw rules :five:
  6. Yaaaay! No I hardly see English students around here really :p: They're all hiding in the Books, Literature & Poetry section lol and come out when they want to complain about coursework (myself included...) Are you heading into Year 13 or have you already got a place at Cambridge and going there? Woo exciting!! :woo:

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