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  1. On a practical level I'd agree, but see my comments in that thread re: for example, the word you used 'cat', to see how I conceive that interpretation/comprehension of language can be subjective

    Needless to say, I find your thinking rather "binary" my dear Human experiential themes are subject to all manner of influencers
  2. Indeed. The agreed/assumed explicit/implicit standard may be socially derived but it's application is subject to the interpretation of the individual. To take the case in point, if a subgroup, of the cohort who subscribe to the notion of a 'slut' at all, conceives of this term as meaning a girl who sleeps around a lot then the technical application of this norm e.g. number of partners/frequency of getting on her back (which may be considered primary factors in determining whether it's 'a lot') will differ from member to member of said group. Even if you can agree on the number of partners/frequency, there's also the issue of behaviour, a girl making a suggestive remark to a guy she fancies may be interpreted as slutty by one member, but flirty by another. Also, as the OP pointed out, a top may be too risque to one person, and perfectly legit to another (even if they are subject to the same core basic social standard)

    As for things being "slightly objective", that's a whole other debate, and undoubtedly way above my pay grade / not the sort of thing I should get sucked into with a philosophy student, but hey, it''ll probably have occurred to you already that I don't mind looking a turnip on a regular :mmm: here goes nothing:

    From a philosophical (non-pragmatic) standpoint, for me, all I can objectively say is that I have 'senses'. Beyond that, who am I to say that anything else is 100% definite? I don't even subscribe to cogito ergo sum ~ I'm more of a 'I think therefore I think I am' kinda guy (perhaps a product of too many cartoon/fanatasy/make believe movies growing up)

    Quite a nice way of putting it ~ Wiki on Bernard Williams' criticism of cogito ergo sum: "..through introspection, or our experience of consciousness, we have no way of moving to conclude the existence of any third-personal fact, to conceive of which would require something above and beyond just the purely subjective contents of the mind"
  3. I am not entirely sure whether you can read ...
    If you could, that would generally help :yes:
  4. My signature 'promises' naught save that I will "see what I can do". Since the advent of Nu-TSR has systematically eroded peer-accountability to the point where what 'I can do' is now manifestly sod-all, it is therefore with a heavy heart and no small amount of effete, flailing indignation that I must deny your impassioned plea for restitution, and direct you instead to the united front-bottoms of 'Ask A Mod'.


    The Profesh
  5. i see, someone suggested almond milk, is that a good alternative?
  6. Someone is mad because their green gems are now worthless :P.
  7. No. End of convo.
  8. I'm only responding to you, after I said not to reply but you still do, so I do as well.
  9. hoes can be male as well, thanks for being derogatory to all the transsexuals. You tell me to be xyz and you go on and commit them yourself.
    Keep your hypocritical opinions to yourself.
  10. People in strip clubs tend to be hoes, if you pay up enough, i know. You say its broad but then have only said its related to income, give me another example.

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    The word "gay" existed before it meant homosexual, this is just a evolution of it though it may have begun as a homophobic slur.

    I know gay guys who call things gay and if anything laugh if someone calls it.

    I have a bi friend who calls things gay all the time.
    It just so happens that all words meaning gay with the exception of homosexual are negative.
    Homo. Fag. Queer. Nancy boy. And of course the word in question, gay.

    They are all very often used as insults.
    Do people us the following terms as insults on a regular basis?

    Not really. Very rarely and in very specific circumstances perhaps.
    But in the vast majority of contexts it's okay to use 'gay' as an insult. As if there's something wrong with being gay.

    People talk about it having a dual definition, but that's not nearly the whole story. Things that have been seen as gay are then said to be bad, negative, perhaps simply abnormal. But never positive (even though the original use of the word was of course, happy). And it sends the message that being homosexual is negative. Because that's what society has done and keeps doing. It reclaims words that mean homosexual to mean something bad.

    And the only way one can logically look at that is internalised homophobia.

    Edit: And "no-homo" is one of the most obnoxious examples idiocy I've ever seen.

    It doesn't make it any more okay to refer to things as 'gay' in a negative way just because you're gay yourself or bisexual.

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    Great point, having a black friend doesn't stop someone from being racist."

    Which is exactly why you should stop using the word negatively.

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